Wood County Genealogical Society

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WCOGS Receives Award from Wood County District Public Library

In January, 1875, a group of civic-minded men started the community's first lending library, the Bowling Green Library Association.

Criteria for Award:

Legacy of 1875 Award
  • Improve library services through sustained or recent contributions.
  • Supports a significant library service, program, or activity.
  • Shows dedication, leadership, and support to library sponsored programs.
  • Advances the role of literacy and lifelong learning through partnership of libraries, organizations, and agencies.


WCOGS Members Receiving Award

Pictured above is a desk clock presented to our chapter.


Shown receiving the award is Linda Hamilton, treasurer; Dick Juergens, president; Lolita Guthrie; Millie Broka, vicepresident; Ann Householder, secretary.


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