St. Johns Lutheran Family Records

Pages: 46-47

Surname Given Birthplace Birthdate Married Death
Schneider, Sr. Johann Daniel Niederkirchen Rheinbairne 13 Nov 1818 Mar 1842 17 Apr 1897
Epple Christina Kath. Durrnmetz Thaulbronn Wurtemberg 1815 21 Sep 1843
Swarz Eva Barbara Weidach, Stuttgart, Wurtemberg 8 Jun 1820 Jan 1844 24 Apr 1892
CHILD of first wife
Schneider Christine Katherine Liverpool Medina Co., OH 10 Sept 1843
CHILDREN of second wife
Schneider Friedrich Liverpool, Medina Co., OH 6 Oct 1844
Schneider Johann Daniel Liverpool, Medina Co., OH 3 Jul 1846
Schneider Maria Liverpool, Medina Co., OH 1 Oct 1848 14 Oct 1849
Schneider Juliann Liverpool, Medina Co., OH 4 Aug 1850 28 Oct 1851
Schneider Johannes Troy Twp., Wood Co., OH 26 Jun 1852
Schneider Eva Barbara Elisabeth Troy Twp., Wood Co., OH 22 Feb 1855 27 Feb 1877
Schneider Johann Jakob Troy Twp., Wood Co., OH 19 Apr 1857 23 Apr 1885
Schneider Wilhelm Ludwig Troy Twp., Wood Co., OH 10 Apr 1859 29 Apr 1886
III CHILD of second wife
Karstadt Kath. Eva Barbara Cleveland, OH 12 Dec 1841 3 Nov 1865

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